Here it is! My signature/watermark for my photographs 🙂


I wrote a post some time ago about adding signatures or not to the photos. I’ve been thinking about it and today I finally sat in front of the computer and created what I had on my mind!

I’m planning to use it either in a “soft box” as above or quite discretely as in the example below, depending on the situation:


7 thoughts on “Signature/Watermark”

  1. It’s a nice design and doesn’t detract from the picture too much. I’ve decided not to use one. I hate to see watermarks across the middle of a picture and if you put it on discreetly as you have, people can always crop it off. But, you’ve done a nice job. 🙂


    1. Thank you!
      Well, people who want to use it will do it anyway… The point is to have the mark there in case the photo is seen somewhere else without any credits. If no one crops it, at least people will know how to find me 😉


    1. Thanks!
      Sometimes we surprise ourselves, you should give it a try someday 😉


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