Photo surfing #8

More sites/blogs I like to visit! 🙂

Rebecca Arthurs Photography: I had the opportunity to watch Rebecca and Nicholas in action while they covered a wedding I attended back in May. I looooved the result! You can check it on their blog here & here. To visit the site just click on the image below:



I follow quite a few photography blogs, but I also like to visit other kind of blogs… although most of the time it’s because they have beautiful images! The three that follow are an example of that:

The Cherry blossom girl: Alix is a french fashion blogger that has gorgeous photos of herself to illustrates her posts about outfits, accessories and makeup. What I really like about the photos is their soft style and the fact that by looking at them it seems the images are telling a story. See for yourself:


Late Afternoon: Fashion and lifestyle blogger, named Liz. Don’t know anything else about her, but I end up checking the photos on the blog very often. I guess because of the light and composition, I like the way they’re taken.
Check out:


O Alfaiate Lisboeta: Meaning “the tailor from Lisbon”. The man behind the camera is José Cabral who started his blog to publish photos of people he photographed on the streets of Lisbon (and other cities around the world). The blog became known and he recently published a book with a selection of those photos. I’ve got the book and like to check the blog from time to time, it’s like people watching at home 😉


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