U.S. vacations: Plymouth (MA)


Another place I was during my stay in the U.S. was in Plymouth (Massachusetts), where the famous ship Mayflower arrived in 1620. Here are some shots I took with my compact camera (despite of the foggy day) and a few notes about the places:


The Mayflower departed from Plymouth, England on September 1620 and anchored here on November of the same year. This ship has a famous place in American history as a symbol of the early European colonization.
A replica of the ship was built in 1956, this is the one open to visitors today.


The Plimoth Plantation is a living museum in Plymouth that shows the original settlement of the Plymouth Colony established back then by English colonists, who later became known as Pilgrims. Everyone there is an actor and interprets a different character, it’s like suddenly you’re in the 17th century!


First you go through the village of the Natives, you can go inside their tents and hear them talk about how is it to live there and what they do during the day. You can interact with everyone and ask questions about anything you want to know.


Then you walk into the English Village and the same happens. People really act as if we were 400 years ago in time, it’s funny but also a bit uncomfortable, because they are really good and don’t let it go! I was told that the actors must have a 2 year training before they can actually be there with the public.


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