Quotography III

True photography is not a text. You don’t read it, you don’t talk about it. You share it with the world. -unknown

Lens: 35mm – Exposure: 1/80 – Aperture: f/4.5 – ISO: 200

I had no doubts concerning this quote! It would have to be about the photo I turned into a postcard. 🙂 After all it perfectly reflects the concept of an image that I shared with the world and with people around the world, right?

To see all entries please visit the project’s gallery at: nickexposed.com/quotography-gallery/

If you like collab photo projects stay tuned on Nick’s and Shannon’s sites. As Shannon said in one of her posts: “we have a long term plan that will involve interspersing creative inspiration months (much like the Quotography project) with skill development projects”.

2 thoughts on “Quotography III”

    1. Recebi sim, enquanto ainda lá estavas! 🙂 Isto ainda está uma confusão com a mudança, perdi-o de vista entretanto e não me lembrei que ainda não te tinha agradecido.. Gostei muito, obrigada 😉


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