U.S. vacations: NY (phone pics)

Vignette App for Android – Effect: HDR

We only spent 2 days in New York, so the decision was to run away from museum lines and tourist shops. We basically did all downtown by foot, walking down Broadway and getting the feel of NY streets.
Using my 35mm lens was kind of frustrating in a city with such huge buildings and I wish I had a wide angle lens! So I ended up taking photos mostly with my compact camera and my phone. This post is actually about how I captured NY using my camera phone 🙂 Hope you enjoy the series:


I can’t recall which effect I used for the photos, but since it was foggy while I was there I remember choosing to go with one that would give an “old photo” touch.

4 thoughts on “U.S. vacations: NY (phone pics)”

  1. Just for 2 days? oh! When I went to NYC last year I only had my 35mm too, so I totally understand your frustration. next time I will bring with me my 18-200 😉


    1. Thanks Erin 🙂 Just saw your self portraits on facebook – great photos!


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