Projects: Postcard & Quotography

Now that I’m pretty sure everyone received the postcard I can show it here 😉 Above is a small video where you can see how it looks like, it was fun to make and try something different!

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On one of my last posts I mentioned I was working on a collab photo project. Well, it’s called Quotography and basically the idea was to submit 3 quotes and receive 3 back. For each quote you have to create an image that illustrates it. Pretty cool, isn’t it?
The people behind this idea are Nick from and Shannon from The project ends today and as soon as the photos are uploaded to the project gallery I will share mine here.

4 thoughts on “Projects: Postcard & Quotography”

    1. Olá, não conhecia e parece giro! Ando em mudanças e vou de férias daqui a 2 dias, não devo conseguir participar desta vez. Obrigada por partilhares e depois mostra o resultado 😉


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