Photo surfing #6

Another weekend coming to an end… why does it seem it always passes so quickly? Here are a few links of sites and blogs I’ve been discovering. For more info just click on the images:

Dear Photograph: the concept is really simple, 1) you choose an old printed photograph that means something to you, 2) you put it in the exact same spot it was taken, 3) you shot it again, 4) you submit it. Like mixing past and present! It’s awesome! It kind of sounds confusing, so the best thing to do is to click and see for yourself:


Once Upon a Time in Alex Land…: Alex Cameron is a UK photographer specialising in fashion, beauty, model portfolio’s, wedding and event photography. I love to check out her blog because she features all kind of photographers! It’s a great way to get to know the work of new people around the world. To check out her blog click on the image below and to know more about Alex see here.

3 hundred and sixty days of photos: I really admire people who do 365 photo projects. I feel it’s such a challenge to create a beautiful image everyday for one year. I discovered Clare’s blog today and I’m already a fan of her work! Her style speaks to me a lot. Check it out as well:

4 thoughts on “Photo surfing #6”

  1. I liked the concept of the challenge but is impossible for me since I’m currently a emigrant. ahah
    Do you know that always love your suggestions? 😀
    BTW, I’m doing the 365photo project too,on my facebook soblushed page.have you had the chance to see them?


    1. I’m looking forward to going to my Mom’s this Summer so I can try to create a photo to submit to the Dear Photograph!
      Thanks I’m glad the links I share are appreciated and useful 🙂
      As for your 365 project, I’ve been checking out your photo-a-day-April actually, but didn’t realize it was part of a bigger project!! That’s very nice, I will have a better look at it 😉


  2. Meu deus, eu também concordo contigo, admiro aqueles que conseguem manter um projecto de 365 fotos por dia!!
    Gostei de ler o teu post e as tuas sugestões;)


    1. 365 fotos por dia! Eissh isso é que era 😉 😀 Eu percebi o que querias dizer eheh Obrigada!


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