Shame on me!

I’m not very happy with the reason of this post, but it’s a “lesson learned” and I wanted to share it:

A few months ago I did a post about how much I like postcards and how I came up with the idea of creating my own Christmas postcard. I also gave the opportunity to people to send me their address so they would receive it.
However, I offered this opportunity before having created the photo and without any clue where I would be printing the postcards.


Time passed… then I finally was able to create the image I had in mind. Then it was Christmas already and I was gone to my home town. Then I came back, looked for the best solution for printing and when I figured out everything I was deeply disappointed because it wasn’t Christmas anymore. I had failed with my deadline and there was no point in sending those cards anymore.

I felt really bad and let more time pass by, but one morning I woke up and thought “I own those guys a postcard, I’m going to create a new one, print it and send it!”. Better late than never, right? And I’m happy to say the postcards are on their way right now. 🙂

Lesson learned: Don’t offer something without having at least the essential done. Do the research first and start prepping things before starting to talk about it.

I’m not going to share the photo I used for the postcard, don’t want to spoil the surprise for those of you who will receive it. 😉 But I can show you the one I shot for the (failed) Christmas version:

Lens: 70-200mm – Exposure: 1/3 – Aperture: f/5.6 – ISO: 200

13 thoughts on “Shame on me!”

  1. Oh, that’s a beautiful photo! I’m looking forward to the mailed one. That’s what life is about – learning, learning, learning! You’re good to know that and keep on pressing forward!


  2. Postcards will always have an excuse to arrive late for me, as they are travellers in a mission.
    And it takes time for travelling: there are stories, encounters & disencounters, unforeseen situations, and mishaps that can happen. But that’s what makes travelling unique and interesting. And postcards are more than a piece of paper.
    Most of all, I love postcards, so I’m still happy it will arrive =)

    P.S.: congrats for being brave to write a post about it. could’ve just sent an email apologizing. could actually haven’t said anything else and hope people would’ve forgotten about it. but you did the hard and right thing. bravo!
    [maybe this wasn’t such a big deal anyway, but imagine this happening to impact a thousands people’s expectations. can make your legs shaky]


    1. aaaaaand it has arrived! thank you, it looks cool! but somehow it reminds me more of autumn than spring 😛 in any case, why not start selling some of your photos online, as postcards or something else? maybe some people will like that, you get to share your work and make some cents for a coffee or two 😉


    2. I’m working on it actually, looking at the different possibilities. As for the postcard maybe the colors are more autumnal than “springish” :p


  3. oi=)

    Como se costuma dizer, it’s never too late=) ehe!
    Mal posso esperar por receber o meu!!!=D Agora estou super curiosa!!! E claro, mal esperes pela demora, vou-te responder com a mesma moeda!! (isto é, com um postal também!=P)

    beijoca e espero que esteja tudo bem!!***


  4. RECEBI HOJEEEEE!!!!!=D tão fixe!! o meu primeiro postal super personalizado!! Estou mega impressionada com a qualidade e o look tão profissional! Valeu a pena esperar!!=D


    1. Que bom =) Cá aguardo a resposta! Bjinho
      PS: mandei-te email com novidades


  5. Thank you thank you for my postcard! It arrived to day and is so pretty! Welcome spring and here’s to more people sending postcards to one another. I love your idea!


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