Photo surfing #5

Here are some links of sites I’ve been visiting:

The 30 Day Vlog challenge: One video a day during one month, at least one minute long and one of the most important rules is: “Your video must be content rich”. This is organised by a San Diego Event Photographer named Tim King and you can find all videos submitted on the challenge site. There are a lot of people participating and talking about many different things!

Marissa Rodriguez Photography: Marissa Rodriguez is a wedding photographer and I discovered her work through the first video she made for the 30 Day Vlog Challenge. Since then I’ve been following her on Facebook and watching her videos, they are full of good tips and big smiles! 😀 You should take a look:

And here’s a funny graphic I found online (here) representing How people think photographers spent their time and How photographers actually spent their time:


Do you agree? 😉

1 thought on “Photo surfing #5”

  1. I am not a professional photographer though even as an amateur, I wish I spent that much time taking photos (graph to the left), traveling, and partying!


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