Photo surfing #4

Hi everyone, I wish you a great weekend!
I felt kind of uninspired last week and yesterday night I suddenly started having lots of ideas for new photo shoots… Hope I will be able to realize those soon! In the meantime here are more sites I’ve been discovering:

The System: A 10 step guide to start your photography business. It can actually be applied to other areas, very interesting: visit here.

Creative Live: Online workshops that you can attend for free if you watch them live. I watched the Glamour Photography by Sue Bryce in early March and it really was worth the 15+ hours of the weekend (Fri-Sat-Sun) I spent in front of the computer! You can check the upcoming courses in the catalog on their site:

Kelby Training: “Learn online with the pros”, another great learning platform for photography. You can sign up for a free 24h pass that will give you access to ALL classes! Check here if you can still get one today.
The courses are divided in three big categories: 1) Photoshop, 2) Photography, 3) Creative and Web.

Handmade type: This is a typography experiment by Tien-Min Lao (NY, USA). She drew the whole alphabet on her hands. Each set is made to create both an upper-case and a lower-case letter. I find this really interesting and creative (also because it relates to the Alphabet project I just did with Jule). You can check all the letters here.

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