Photo surfing #3

Hey, hope you had a good weekend. Here are more links to share with you! Note that you can easily go to each of the websites below by clicking on the images. 😉

Manchik Photography: Wedding photographers with a particular style of photographing and editing the photos, for me the results are amazing and it caught my attention right away!
Plus they have a travel blog that is worth the detour.


Jasmine Star Photography: Love love love the design of this website and the layout of the blog is so cool too! You will find so much good content and her philosophy of life is really inspiring. Also check out the documentary.



RADLAB: Photoshop actions and Lightroom presests, they’re actually really cool! A bit expensive though, but you can download the trial for 30 days so that’s a good  start.



Alphabet Photography: A lot of original photos, but I want to tell you about The Human Alphabet – how cool is that?!


And speaking of the alphabet… don’t forget to check out Jule’s post. We’re starting with our Alphabet Photo Project! ABC is on her, DEF will be here on Wednesday. 😉

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