Photographers from Photo Box #8

Honey is one of my favorite sweet things: I put it on tea, milk, on salads, eat it with fruit, snacks, on cheese sandwiches, well… no doubt why I chose this photo from Photo:Box today!

#8: Fabrizio Ferri

Fabrizio Ferri / Esquire Magazine – Monica Bellucci, 2000

Ferri’s photographs are known for being a tribute to beauty, eroticism, femininity, sensuality and seduction. It’s not difficult to understand why one of his models is Monica Bellucci! Actually, I found they did quite a few projects together throughout the years – see more photos below.

I read she asked him to take pictures of her pregnant and nude for Vanity Fair, so she could demonstrate her support of the right to motherhood (regarding the controversy about fertility treatment).

images of M. Bellucci by Fabrizio Ferri

Fabrizio Ferri‘s quote: “Beauty is intelligence; it is the intensity of an alluring and enigmatic expression. A photograph is only successful when it arouses an emotion in the spectator.”

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