Photo surfing #2

Good evening! Good afternoon! Good morning! Wherever you are 🙂
Here’s the second round of sharing content I have been reading/surfing…
Hope you enjoy it!

Camera Club @ The Guardian: Especially the Monthly Assignments where you can submit a set of 6 images for review. You can be chosen as a favorite and get an online critique on your work.
I already joined their Flickr Group, but didn’t post anything there yet!


Around the World with an iPhone: Lisa Bettany is a photographer and iPhone App developer. She’s currently traveling across the 5 continents and documenting the journey with her iPhone only. You should check it out:


FWAPhoto: This site shares one photograph every day, people from all over the world can submit images! If you follow me on facebook you might have noticed that I often share FWA entries there.


Lemonade and Lenses: Not only a monthly online magazine about photography, but also a place where people can share thoughts and get some inspiration! (For the March issue click here)

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