Photo surfing #2

Good evening! Good afternoon! Good morning! Wherever you are 🙂
Here’s the second round of sharing content I have been reading/surfing…
Hope you enjoy it!

Camera Club @ The Guardian: Especially the Monthly Assignments where you can submit a set of 6 images for review. You can be chosen as a favorite and get an online critique on your work.
I already joined their Flickr Group, but didn’t post anything there yet!

Around the World with an iPhone: Lisa Bettany is a photographer and iPhone App developer. She’s currently traveling across the 5 continents and documenting the journey with her iPhone only. You should check it out:

FWAPhoto: This site shares one photograph every day, people from all over the world can submit images! If you follow me on facebook you might have noticed that I often share FWA entries there.

Lemonade and Lenses: Not only a monthly online magazine about photography, but also a place where people can share thoughts and get some inspiration! (For the March issue click here)

You can easily go to each of the above websites by clicking on the images. 😉

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