How do you define your own style #7

You simply need to keep shooting and allow both yourself and your work to mature. Give yourself time to develop your work and don’t view ‘style’ as a static thing. Keep doing what you want to do, and every so often check how it’s been received, so you can market yourself to make business from it.

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I guess the quote above says everything. Give time for my own style to define itself while I keep shooting and experimenting. No rush. I don’t know exactly how far I want to take photography – let’s see where photography takes me!

I read some interesting posts lately about this matter and want to share two of them with you:

1) Alex wrote about vision and style in photography. Here’s an excerpt:

I’m always trying so hard to explore new options and new styles but after discovering so much of myself in my photography today, all I want to do is explore MY self more, explore MY vision more. As Jamie says, vision comes from within. I want to truly explore what I ADORE and see where that takes me. |read the full post here|

2) Laura wrote a post on finding your style as a photographer, here are some of her words:

Never be afraid to experiment but you should also be brave enough to realise when something isn’t going to work for you as an artist. Your work should have it’s own visual identity and something to aspire to is for people to see an image and instantly recognise it as one of yours. |read the full post here|

So in the end it’s all about vision, your vision of your work will define it and build the vision others will have of it. I think things are clearer now and I’m in the good path to finding my own style.

Some of my photos from the last half year.

If you haven’t read the article in which this series of posts was inspired on, I recommend you do it: “Seven suggestions on finding your style – What is ‘style’ anyway, and how necessary is it to have one?“, by Miss Aniela on (link in the beginning of each of the 7 posts).

2 thoughts on “How do you define your own style #7”

  1. An excellent ending, Ines! I will read through all the 7 posts again. Your style looks very colourful, full of natural beauty with a bit of mystery. Thank you!


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