Following up: One Lovely Blog Award


Here it is, the award that was passed to me by Denzil from and for which I made a quick post last week. I also said I would look for the rules in order to make a proper post about it. However, the info I found online really differs from blog to blog. Some say there are no rules and you just do what you feel like doing with the award, others say you have to mention 7 things about you and nominate 15 blogs. So, I’m going to stick with the “do it your way rule”. 😉

The lovely thing about this is that you feel your blog is appreciated by other people, that what you post has interest for others and it becomes more about sharing rather than just documenting. And it feels great to receive feedback from so many different people all around the world! Don’t you agree?

Find below some photography blogs that I follow & read.
♥ Some because I admire their authors and reading their blogs motivates me to keep going with my photography ♥ some because the images I find there are truly inspirational ♥ some for the reason that I identify myself with the person who’s writing/photographing ♥ some to stay informed on what’s going on in the photography world ♥ some to learn more and more.

Adam Lerner Photography ** Alex Beadon Photography
Art Profiles ** badpanda22 ** Chiquero
Denzil Jennings Photography ** Draw and Shoot ** [e] ** Film Wins
Fro Knows Photo ** Garance Doré ** Go Pantone
Joel Robison Photography ** Just-In-Time ** Lemonade and Lenses
Lost In Sweden ** Marina Chetner ** Miss Aniela ** Photo Sister
Rosa Guerra ** The Cherry Blossom Girl ** The Sartorialist

6 thoughts on “Following up: One Lovely Blog Award”

  1. What a lovely post! Congratulations on the award – you deserve it. Your blog is full of good tips and inspiration, as well as food for thought. Thank you for including my blog in your nominations – I am so appreciative; you have made my weekend!


    1. Thank you for your words Marina! I’m glad you liked the other blogs, they’re very different from each other but I can find so much content on them that complements my thoughts about photography.


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