Casual Fridays # 10.2.12

Happy Friday!
Today’s post will be a bit different, since I want to introduce you to a new photography App for Android: Vignette.

It was suggested by The Android Scene a couple of weeks ago in the comments section of one Casual Fridays posts and… well, it’s just amazing!! Basically it’s an App that allows you to take photos with cool effects and apply a variety of frames. How many are available?
Be surprised: 84 effects & 59 frames!


• Retro/vintage styles,
• LOMO/Diana/Holga toy camera styles,
• Polaroid/instant camera styles,
• Cross-process, tilt-shift, photobooth, double exposure and more.


• Supports the full resolution of the camera,
• Flash (if your phone has one),
• Front-facing camera support,
• Self-timer and time-lapse,
• Digital zoom,
• Geotagging.


Useful: You can download a free demo version of the App to try it out before you buy it. (around 4$)


How cool is this one!? It’s part of the Lens effects menu and it’s called Tilt-shift L (defocus top and bottom).


And the best part: You can upload any photo of your phone gallery and update it with these effects! You can even select a photo that you saved as Polaroid and change it to regular B&W or whatever you want. 🙂

There’s a Vignette for Android group on Flickr, check it here to see more photos using this App.

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