Photographers from Photo Box #4

What’s on page 268 of chapter Travel ?

#4: Martine Franck

This page of the book about M. Franck is mostly to emphasize how you can capture the unexpected and transform an everyday scene into a piece of art. Martine Franck attended the best school of photography and her practice certainly improved her instinct on finding those scenes!

From the book: “The fine lines of the hammock in the foreground glisten against the black of the shadow it casts, contrasting subtly with the square flooring. (…) But geometry alone is not enough. (…) Franck chooses the position and height from which to frame the moment and animate the lines, which seem to communicate a sunny, nostalgic and solitary serenity.”

Martine Franck / Magnum Photos – Swimming pool designed by Alain Capeilleres, Le Brusc, Provence, 1976

5 facts about the photographer:

  • She studied history at the University of Madrid and at the École du Louvre in Paris.
  • She worked as the assistant of the photographer Gjon Mili at Life.
  • In 1972 she co-founded the agency Viva and in 1983 became a full member of Magnum.
  • In 2000 she published the book Tibetan Tulkus: Images of Continuity about Tibetan Buddhist children.
  • She was married to Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Quote: “I do come from a background of looking at painting. And I think composition is important. But it’s instinctive in my work; I don’t try and make a certain sort of composition. I just have it in me.”

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