How do you define your own style #1

As the first step, you need to be open and honest (at least to yourself) about what inspires you. As an exercise, list 10 things – whether these are other photographers, other kinds of artists, films, music, literature etc. For each thing, say what inspires you about it.

(read the full version here)

10 things that inspire me & why:

  • Polaroid: I remember I always wanted to have one when I was a kid (I still do), the idea of taking an instant photograph inspires me in the way that you have only one chance to get the image you want, so you must think about it before you shoot and make it good. I also love its design!
  • Vintage and Handcraft: I often look for inspiration in this site where there are such sweet images. I think craft work is very creative and I like the vintage / old school concept. I should explore it more in my photos I guess.
  • Paintings: I find paintings and photographs very similar and I sometimes find myself looking for ideas in paintings. Kandinsky and Van Gogh are good examples.
  • Fashion: It’s beauty and style! Impossible not to find some inspiration when looking at photos like these.
  • Travel: Travelling opens your eyes to new things and that’s inspirational in so many ways. For me it always feels like a breath of fresh air and new ideas when I’m out there on the road.
  • Social networks such as Flickr and 500px, where you can spend hours looking at so many different pictures taken by people all over the world! That’s a great source of inspiration for me.
  • Light: I know that the correct use of the light in photography is priceless and how to control lighting is a subject that interests and inspires me a lot.
  • Music: Sometimes you just need a little help to get creative and music is able to do that, it can be the lyrics, the rhythm, the video clip, the singer, …
  • Blogs: like yours, all wonderful and inspirational in their own way 🙂
  • Stories of photographers like Vivian Maier!
Photo theme: Venice / taken a few months ago

That was not so easy to do as I thought! But now some things are clearer in my mind, so I’m good to go to step 2: Go compare!

4 thoughts on “How do you define your own style #1”

  1. I like how this is scripted for photography but reminds me of how I feel about writing too! Good quite to sum it up!


  2. É sempre importante fazer paragens na vida para responder a questões que nos ajudam a saber mais sobre nós próprios;)


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