Sharing: Time lapse video

Happy Hump Day! Today I have for you a 2 minutes time lapse video. I wanted to share it on the blog not only because this is a technique that I find very interesting, but also because it’s about the city were I lived during 4 years when I was in University. Hope you like it:


  • Time lapse video from Aveiro, a little portuguese city, by the coast.
  • Canon 60d
  • Tamron 10-24mm
  • Magic Lantern Firmware
  • Music by The Youth Group – Start Today Tomorrow

More about Time Lapse Photography here.

8 thoughts on “Sharing: Time lapse video”

    1. Hi Marina, thank you so much for sharing this with me! Incredible images of flowers – wow – and the whole video is so inspiring 🙂


    2. My pleasure! I loved the video you shared. Wouldn’t it be great put together something like that from each place one travels to?!


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