Fx Camera App & Introducing Casual Fridays

Hi everyone! Ready for the weekend?

A few days ago I was looking for an app for Android that would let me take funny pictures with cool effects. I searched online and found FX Camera and this review:


I was convinced! I downloaded it for free in the Android Market and started playing with it a bit, that’s when something came to my mind. 😀 I should do some different posts on the blog, still related to photography of course (because that is what this blog is about), but funny and more casual.

So, let me introduce to you: Casual Fridays
Friday’s future posts where I will share a series of photos that I took during the week, day-to-day pictures with cool effects! Because you can also do funny shots with phone cams. 😉

Today exceptionally I share only one, I took it this evening when leaving work. Streets start to be decorated with Xmas lights:

Polandroid mode – Vintage film color mode – Square film type

5 thoughts on “Fx Camera App & Introducing Casual Fridays”

  1. XI MEU DEUS! Tantos posts!! já não vinha aqui há muito tempo! Agora vou-me actualizar…

    Ah e deixa-me dizer-te que gostei muito da ideia do Casual Friday aplicada ao blog!;) nice!!



    1. Yep, isto esteve parado uns tempos mas agora arrancou outra vez e tem sido non-stop! O teu tb está a precisar de um update, no outro dia passei lá à procura de novidades mas não havia :p
      O Casual Friday foi a minha epifania desta semana ahah 😉


    2. Pois é tens toda a razão…não sei, tem-me faltado o engenho, a arte…ou talvez as inspiradoras tágides…? (fica a questão no ar…)


    3. AHHHHHHHH!!! epifania!!aha! só agora é que percebi!! gostei!!!;D



  2. FX Camera is fun, it kind of slows down my phone though! Has some cool effects, but as it stands, nothing to me compares to film 🙂 I do like your picture though, thanks for sharing the review.


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