My Little Princess, the film

I saw this film the other day, it’s about a photographer who forces her daughter to pose nude as a model.

Only when reading some reviews after I watched the film, I realized that in fact this is a true story! It’s inspired by the relationship Eva Ionesco (the director of the film) had with her mother, the artistic photographer Irina Ionesco whose pictures of her young daughter stirred discussions when they were published back in the 1970s.

“In between the frontier of her sudden rise as a new provocative star and her dull childhood, her fairy tale turns into sufferings. A portrait of the 70’s and a reflection on the limits of artistic creation.”

My Little Princess (2011)

What I liked the most was the photography of the film, there are such beautiful images in there! It was also really interesting to see how artistic photography was seen 40 years ago. Nowadays we basically photograph and publish everything we want, people are open-minded, but it was not always like that…

5 thoughts on “My Little Princess, the film”

    1. Hi Isabella! Thank you =)
      I just checked your blog, I see you travel a lot – nice! – and you have some cool photos there. I will stay tuned 😉


    1. Thanks, parece meter um bocado medo, ou nem por isso? Pelo menos o trailer dá essa ideia.


    2. Não não, é ir à confiança! Eu sobrevivi, por isso podes confiar!;) O trailler acho que está demasiado obscuro… O filme, como eu o vi, é uma história de amor com o drama e intensidade quase de um livro de romance. A luta de classes é que dá mais intensidade e no trailler parece mais assustador do que é na verdade. Acho que vale mesmo a pena!


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