Embolden Photography Challenges – challenge #3: fear

Last week when I came back to the blogosphere I went on a tour to see what I had been missing in the blogs I usually visit. I discovered that Alex Beadon had created a new series of challenges on her blog and it was already on #3!

Before I tell you about my entry I wanted to invite you to click on the link above to meet Alex, her work, her blog and the challenge itself. You won’t regret it. 😉 She’s truly inspirational and her work is amazing!

Back to my entry I chose to represent the fear of the dark with a self-portrait.

First I came up with the picture you can see on the left where I tried to recreate the typical situation when you’re at home, the light goes down, you quickly grab a flashlight or candle and then suddenly even though you’re at your home you feel so scared and unsafe in the dark. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like that, am I? 😮 Anyway, it turned out there was a lot of noise in it and I decided to try something else.


The photo you see on the right represents my biggest fear as a kid: when alone in the dark before I fell asleep I always thought that something could be just below my bed! (and I used to check it :)). That’s the one I uploaded to the challenge group on Flickr.

It was fun to create these two images with a whole story behind them and as usual it was a great learning experience! Next week’s theme: Shadows. Are you going to join? You should 😉

5 thoughts on “Embolden Photography Challenges – challenge #3: fear”

    1. Obrigada (x2), estou a ver e gosto bastante dos trabalhos de 2004/2005 – junto às janelas.


    2. De nada;) Também gosto bastante! Escrevi em tempos sobre o trabalho dela. Quem aparece nas imagens é a irmã. Ela tem inspirações de pinturas de tradição dos países baixos. Vale a pena olhar para a pintura para aprender fotografia;)


    3. Exacto! Fez-me pensar naquela pintura (e no filme) “Rapariga com Brinco de Pérola” 🙂


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