ANTM Best Photo of the Week(s) #4

Let’s sum up in the last episodes of this TV program I watch and for which I used to do a post every week. (see post #1)

To be honest I watched other series of this show some years ago and I must confess it was much more interesting. This cycle is all about the models being All Stars and I feel they are diverging a bit from photography and modeling. Previous cycles had much more interesting shoots!

Anyway, about the last weeks:

This was a photo shoot tribute to Michael Jackson. I found it quite interesting because I realized how powerful the characterization of a model can be. Below are 3 different women representing the same man and they all look like him!


In this one the contestants posed with a the supermodel named Coco Rocha in a shoot were they had to pretend a fight. Apparently this kind of pictures are a trend now. I don’t know about you, but for me this is quite awkward and I don’t think I would feel like shooting this set.

Coco Rocha

The next episode was about each model recording a music video based on a song they had written (see what I mean when I say it’s diverging from the idea of model and photography? ;)). So, I chose the two pictures below because I wanted to share with you that some people don’t know at all how to pose in front of a camera, other learn how to do it, but there are some that just do it naturally. Is the case of this girl, she has such amazing eyes and features that she automatically looks good in the frame!


And finally the last week’s episode, a photo shoot in Greece where the models posed in a giant plate of Greek salad! That’s nice mainly because it’s different from what we are used to see. At least I have never seen a lingerie campaign like this one, it’s original! Being creative brings much more interest to the shots.


All pictures were taken from the America’s Next Top Model website.

4 thoughts on “ANTM Best Photo of the Week(s) #4”

    1. A season na qual ela participou da primeira vez não vi, só fiquei a conhecer agora. Tem realmente um jeito natural, creepy and sweet *


  1. Ai claro que à conta destas conversas recomecei a ver. Lembro-me dessa rapariga dos olhos grandes. Faz-me lembrar aquele video-clip da Gaga do bad romance, em que ela está dentro da banheira.. Eu acho que a rapariga tem uma coisa que funciona no mundo da moda: ela é memorável/identificável muito facilmente. Não sei se ela sabe pousar como modelo…mas ao menos não é igual à maioria das concorrentes e só por isso já tem o meu voto!! (espero que a Tyra me esteja a ouvir!aha)


    1. Eheh! A rapariga é do género “hum não sei se sei fazer isto – deixa ver.. um..dois..três.. e puf – ah e tal acho que não correu muito bem” e depois é elogiada à força toda pelo júri! She’s a natural :p Daí também gostar dela.


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