Photographers from Photo Box #1

I decided to open the book I got some weeks ago (remember?) in a random page and share with you some facts about the photographer and photo of the selected page. I guess I can do that often, sounds good?

#1: Elliott Erwitt

According to the description Erwitt is never without his camera and when he came across the car in the photo below, with the two lovers reflected in the mirror, he just had to shoot and immortalize the moment.

From the book: “For Erwitt, being a photographer means travelling the world, observing it and getting to know it, and being constantly surprised by the thousand of strange, tragic or tender ways in which life reveals itself to him and his camera lens.”

Elliott Erwitt, Magnum Photos – California, USA, 1955

5 important facts about the photographer:

  • He studied film in New York.
  • He spent his military service in Europe as an assistant photographer.
  • In 1953 he was invited to join Magnum by one of its founders.
  • He worked for some of the world’s most prestigious magazines.
  • His photography books have become bestsellers.

Quote: “When the photograph happens, it comes easily, as a gift that should not be questioned or analysed.”

2 thoughts on “Photographers from Photo Box #1”

  1. Foto está muito fixe! Fez-me lembrar o site da Life. Conheces? Tem o espólio da revista todo disponível online e semanalmente eles têm newsletters. Tem fotos com piada, vale a pena checkar;)



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