It’s all about birds

Do you remember the post about my first participation on a photography contest from a French photography store? And do you remember I said I was looking forward to the October theme?

It turns out it’s about ornithology and in my opinion getting a great photo of a bird is a hard task! So I’m not sure yet if I will be entering the contest this month.

Anyway, I took my new zoom lens some days ago and went to a park with several exotic birds to see what I could do.

I’m quite sad that the cages pretty much ruin any shot! But here’s one of the photos I took and I think it’s quite interesting how the bird is really looking at the camera like a prisoner:

Prisoner (Lens: 70-200mm – Exposure: 1/4000 – Aperture: f/2.8 – ISO: 800)

If you take pictures of birds I could use any tip you have! 🙂

6 thoughts on “It’s all about birds”

  1. I love the photo, and I think the cage really adds to the image. It shows the beauty of the bird, but the sadness in its eyes because it is trapped. Beautifully captured. Plus I love that all the colours compliment each other and the cross in the back (behind the bird) adds a weird accidental religious implication which, to me, adds interest to the photo. As I said I really like this photo .


    1. Thanks Alex! I appreciate your feedback and your interpretation of the photo is quite interesting. It made me think twice about entering the contest. 😉 I really like the colors in this image too!


  2. At first; thank you soo much for visiting my blog(:
    Your blog is great and your pictures are amazing – i like it (:
    Keep your good work (:


    1. Hi Maggie, thanks a lot! I find your concept of Little Blog great, I’ll stay tuned 😉


  3. Andava há alguns largos dias vir espreitar e agora vejo o que andava a perder 🙂

    estás a construir um excelente espaço. Parabéns.



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