Two weeks ago I said on the I’monnetPhoto Facebook page that I would do a review about a photo book I had ordered. I’ve got it with me for more than a week now, I’ve been able to go through it meanwhile, so it’s time to let you know a little bit about the PHOTO:BOX!

Click on the image to get to the site where I ordered it.

Written by Roberto Koche (originally in Italian) the English edition was published in 2009 by Abrams. This book has 512 pages where you can find a selection of 250 photographs from some of the greatest photographers of all time, divided in twelve categories: Reportage, War, Portraits, Nudes, Women, Travel, Cities, Art, Fashion, Still life, Sport and Nature.

Click on the image for details and reviews.

The book starts with a small text from the author where he explains how complex it was to produce a book like this. The rest of the book contains two pages per photographer: in one of them you can see a selected image of his/her work and in the other one you have a text about the story behind the photograph and the style of its photographer, and another text with a brief biography of the artist.

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«All these photographs – from the earliest days of the medium to the work of the most innovative contemporary photographers – deserve their place in this anthology, and piece by piece, they make up the fascinating and enigmatic jigsaw that is the history of photography.» (from the Foreword)

That was just the kind of photography encyclopedia I was looking for! There’s not too much text, just the essential, and not too many images either, in fact only one per artist (which must have been a challenge to choose). I like to open it on a random page and discover another photographer, read about his life and work, and get some inspiration. 🙂

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