Portrait en Noir et Blanc

If you don’t have ideas to shoot or feel bored at home wondering what new things you could do with your camera, challenges are a great solution! They give you a theme and objectives to meet.

Last week I participated in a contest from a French photography store, the theme was Black & White Portrait. Here’s the photo I submitted:
(If you’re seeing the image with lots of grain, please click on it to see it on Flickr. No idea what’s going on with that.)

Le Bandit d’Honneur (Exposure: 1/60 – Aperture: f/5.6 – ISO: 400)

I called it “Le Bandit d’Honneur”. In french this expression means someone who stands outside the law after an affront to his honor or the honor of a family member. The portrait was taken near a window to profit from the natural light.

Another great thing about challenges is the chance to win a prize! In my case I first participated as a training, but it’s also true that I try to get the best shot to have a chance at winning.

I’ll keep you posted about the results!

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