ANTM Best Photo of the Week #1

I don’t watch much TV, but there are a few shows and series that I like to see when I have some free time. One of them is related to photography, at least part of it!

I’m talking about America’s Next Top Model. In short this is a reality TV show in which a number of women compete for a chance to start their career in the modeling industry.

But I confess that I really like to watch it to be able to look at all the studio work and photography involved. I would love to experience shooting models in a studio!

With that said, I thought it could be funny to pick one photo each week where I point why the image chosen is the best for me and which are its strengths in my opinion.

Here’s my choice for the best shot of the last episode:

Click on the image to see the photo in America’s Next Top Model website.

Why I choose this photograph among the fourteen:

For me this is the more natural of all of them, in comparison she’s not really posing. Also because her curious way of standing and looking at the camera give something special to the photo. (To see all the photos of this shoot go to ANTM facebook page here.)


Her eyes and lips, I think the photographer got her in the right moment. She is looking at the camera with kind of a weird look and the lips that way make her look like a doll.

One thing that I would change:

Her left hand. It would be great if it wasn’t hidden behind the dress, although it is lace and therefore a bit transparent, I would have preferred it if we could see it in front of the dress.

Feel free to give your opinion in the comments!

2 thoughts on “ANTM Best Photo of the Week #1”

  1. Obrigada pelo teu comentário, acho que és a Inês a amiga da Marlé certo? ela contou-me que estás na suiça numa empresa que também tem a minha área, tradução 🙂 queria tanto ter a tua sorte e mandar-me daqui para fora, enfim…


    1. Oi, sou sim =) Certo, sou paginadora numa empresa de tradução e localização. Percebo que tenha sido mais fácil para mim por ter nacionalidade Suíça, mas há aqui tanta gente de tantos lados que acredito que é também uma questão de vontade e coragem. Keep in touch & take care *


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