30 Day Photography Challenge

In the past 30 days I took one photo each day. I thought it would be a great exercise to apply what I had learned in the course, so I searched the internet and found an interesting challenge in this blog.

It was indeed a great way to explore my new skills and new camera. It was also a good test to my discipline, it’s not that easy to take a photo everey day during one month! Sometimes you’re tired and with no inspiration… But I did it and I’m proud of the results!

Here are two of them:

Day 19, Something Orange (Exposure: 1/50 – Aperture: f/5.6 – ISO: 200)
Day 7, Fruit (Exposure: 1/320 – Aperture: f/4.8 – ISO: 6400)

You can see all 30 photos here. Let me know if you ever did something like this, it would be fun to see other similar projects!

6 thoughts on “30 Day Photography Challenge”

  1. I think my favorite are these and the one with clouds! Very good for someone with no experience beside one workshop.

    You asked for similar experiences…In one summer, I did an email correspondence with a friend. Every couple of days (or every week, I can’t remember), we would send photos to each other. The only rule was that each photo wold have to have a reference/connection with the previous, it could be anything (colour, shape, setting, nr of characters, same animals, etc etc). Maybe it’s a nice exercise to do as well. And like in a conversation, you never end where you started!;)



    1. Hi! Thanks for passing by!
      I use a Nikon D90. 🙂
      I like fashion blogs, I actually follow a few. I will check your blog soon, cheers!


    1. Thanks! The 30 day photography challenge is definitely a great exercise. Have fun with it and with your camera 😉 I will check your blog. Cheers!


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