Déjà vu


When passing by this fountain a few days ago, I asked my boyfriend if he remembered being at this same place once during the Winter. Then the image of the water completely frozen came to my mind and I knew a photo of it had been taken, probably even posted on this blog too. It took me a while to find it but I did! Buried in the archives, taken in 2012 with the phone… see here (photo n°4).


PT: Já tinha fotografado esta fonte uma vez no Inverno, com a água completamente gelada – ver aqui.

Throwback Thursday | August: week 2


I thought I would start this Throwback series to feature some old photos & posts + it’s always fun to check what I was photographing by this time of the year back in 2012-2015!

One year ago:
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Two years ago:
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Three years ago:
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Portrait session: Romina

Four years ago:
Botanical Garden #1Botanical Garden #2

PT: Para relembrar as fotografias publicadas no blogue nos anos passados, por esta mesma altura.