Last of 2017 | From my phone

These are the last photos I’ve taken with my phone in 2017. I hope your New Year is off to a good start! I keep my fingers crossed I'll start taking photos with my camera(s) again sometime in 2018. Until then I'll keep snapping with my phone. 🙂 📱 shot on Nexus 5x 🖌️ edited with the Afterlight app 📍 Switzerland… Continue reading Last of 2017 | From my phone

Mini Movies | Make Films course: 3

Week-3 of the course is all about the slow motion technique and how it can be used to highlight a moment in time. The challenge for this third video was to put ourselves in the movie, even if we feel it's silly or pointless. The reason being: we're creating films of our life – so… Continue reading Mini Movies | Make Films course: 3