#SlowDownWithStills [Photos 3+4]


Still catching up with the #SlowDownWithStills program!

This one was to create a photo that illustrates the concept of “My Quiet Place”. Doesn’t matter how or where, but something that gives peace to the soul.

✓ I knew what I wanted to photograph right away. My quiet place is in a cup of tea! ;)



The encouragement for the fourth photo was to showcase something we are grateful for. Either “little things” like chocolate or bigger things like friendship.

✓ Funny story about this one: I struggled quite a bit to come up with an image that would represent gratefulness. I tried to take quite a few different photos but was never happy with the results, so I took a break from it and decided to make some popcorn. When I started hearing them popping one after the other I just realized that each one of them could represent something I’m grateful for – a big bowl full of gratitude!

Tradução: 3ª e 4ª fotografias para o programa criativo Slow Down With Stills. Os temas são “Algo que traz paz à alma” (no meu caso escolhi o chá) e “gratidão” (aqui como metáfora, cada pipoca representa uma coisa pela qual estou grata).  

#SlowDownWithStills [Photo 2]


Catching up on WEEK 2 of the #SlowDownWithStills program.

The second week’s challenge was to create an image that represents the act of letting go of self-blame. Meaning: accepting we are not perfect, we are not going to get it right every time and that is fine – letting go is the key.

✓  I chose to photograph my camera together with my books, as I often think I should be learning more about the technical side of it. But I’m not and sometimes I blame myself for it. So this is a celebration of letting go of the blame I feel and recognizing that it is OK if I do not master all the techniques!

Tradução: Fotografia correspondente à semana 2 do programa criativo Slow Down With Stills. O desafio consistia em criar uma imagem que representasse o “desligar-se do sentimento de culpa”. O meu é o de não dominar todos os aspectos técnicos da minha máquina.

The #SlowDownWithStills creative program


I just joined a 10-week creative program called Slow Down With Stills.
It’s a free weekly e-mail series that helps with evolving shooting still life photography.

I feel I spent last year so focused on portraiture that now I’m lacking ideas when it comes to photographing anything without people in it…

The program already started 5 weeks ago so they’re already halfway through, but I will be catching up during the next days and sharing the results here!

The first week was about creating a photo that showcases a small part of our life that we love and wish to pay more attention to.

✓ The photo I came up with is the one above: my postcard collection.  I wish I would take the time to take all of them out of the box and organize them into an album!

I’m not sure it qualifies as “still life” with my hand in there… oh well, I still have 9 photos to create and perfect this art. ;)

Tradução: Inscrevi-me num programa criativo chamado Slow Down With Stills com duração de 10 semanas. O objectivo é receber por email ajuda e inspiração para desenvolver a arte de fotografar natureza morta. Este é o meu resultado para a semana 1, acho que o facto de ter a minha mão na imagem contradiz o conceito de “natureza morta” ahah!