Triptych | A collab photo project


“Nothing in nature blooms all year… be patient with yourself.”


These photos are the result of a photography collaboration with fellow blogger & photographer Claudia Curici. We started exchanging emails a couple of months ago and the idea of doing something together came quite naturally.

We set ourselves the challenge of picking up the same type of plant and create a triptych  – a set of associated images intended to be appreciated together. No rules or guidelines, and we have no clue about what the other did. I’m so curious to check out Claudia’s triptych (make sure to have a look as well – HERE)!

I went with a really simple approach and soft editing. In the last image I decided to include a bit of my hands in the picture, to give some perspective and accentuate the delicate mood I wanted to achieve with these photos.

Oh! And the quote is one I stumbled upon not long ago and that I thought would fit this project very well. I say this because the collab was born from long email conversations about our personal struggles in regards to photography.😉

A couple of hours in Thun | Switzerland


I recently spent a couple of hours in Thun and snapped a few photos while walking around the Old Town. They have been sitting on my computer for almost 3 weeks now – so it’s time to share!

It was my first time there and I was surprised to see that the Old Town is actually located along the Aare river (and not by the lake). It’s a lovely city, kind of the typical “Swiss town” – at least that’s what I thought.

Let me know in the comments if you ever been there.
And what did you think of it? 👇






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