Tip for posting on social media

Hi! This post is going to be a bit different than usual.
But I still took some photos to illustrate it ;)


I had the idea of writing this post after Shannon from Seeing Spots Photography asked on her blog which social media sites we use the most and invest our time in.

And it occurred to me that maybe not everyone found an easy way to have content published on their social media sites on a regular basis, so I thought I would share!


I use Buffer :)
It’s an app that helps you manage multiple social media accounts at once.

You can connect all the below on this site and start scheduling posts to go online at specific times.

Both my Facebook page and Twitter account were created with the intention to share the content of this blog outside of the “WordPress world” and I use Buffer to manage what’s going to be shared on each of them.


At the beginning, when sharing on these platforms, I was limiting myself to publish the link of any new post – just saying “New post on the blog”. Then I started realizing that wouldn’t help much and that I needed to start using the social media to connect more with people (followers, friends).

I wanted to post not only content related to what is published here on the blog, but also photos and sneak peeks of future posts, as well as inspirational quotes and other things that motivate me to keep going with the blogging. So people can relate to it, follow my projects, like, comment, etc.

The problem is I didn’t really have time to do all that on a regular basis and in a consistent way.

Luckily one day I discovered Buffer, so I could start planning what kind of information I would be sharing on each of the networks and schedule posts/tweets.

I now have a consistent amount of info being published every day.
It keeps me motivated and (I guess and hope) also keeps people interested.

Besides having access to the website on your computer, you can also download the Buffer app to your phone and iPad, which is useful to edit or add scheduled posts if you’re not at home. You only need to have an internet connection so it synchronizes with the last updates made.

Time saver!
You can just take a couple of hours, plan what you want to share on your social media this week, schedule everything and don’t worry about having to log in the middle of the day to post this and that. The only thing left to do is check if people engaged and respond to them! – We all love comments and likes, right? ;)


Did you already know about Buffer?
Or do you use any other kind of app that does the same thing?

If not, I hope this post was useful :)


PS: I know there’s a schedule option on Facebook pages, however every time I tried it didn’t work properly. Most of the time my posts weren’t published.


I created my Flickr account when I started my 30-day photo challenge back in the Summer of 2011 and I used to look for inspiration in the Explore section almost everyday.

I kept uploading photos since then, but was never good at commenting on other’s work and connecting with photographers there. I was recently considering if I should delete my account when an interesting invitation came up!


Helen, a fellow blogger from the U.K. had just created a Flickr group and website called Photography Butterfly:
An online community where you can find all things photography related including simple photography advice, project ideas, book reviews and much more!

She was inviting me to add one of my photos to the group, as well as joining in the community. And that’s how I decided to stay on Flickr and become an active member!

1) Check out the website by clicking on the image above.
2) Are you a Flickr member?
3) I’m looking to follow some interesting people there, share some names if you will!

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Photo surfing #9

It’s been a while since I posted what I’ve been seeing online!
Here are a few things I thought would be interesting to share:
(please click on the Polaroids to go to the respective sites)

Images of Planet Mars. Isn’t that amazing?

A monthly challenge that I enjoy doing (see here, here and here).
This month let’s get creative! Check it out and join in, will you?

Did you know the painter also made a few experiments with photography?
Watch some photos at LIFE.

I participated last year (and posted about it here).
The date for this year’s walk has been announced, wanna know all about it? Just click on the image for the Q&A!

I found this blog this week and I absolutely adore the images posted there.
I guess it’s the type of work you either love or don’t like at all… I’m a fan!

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