To You From Me

Between WordPress, email subscribers and social media,
all together you are close to 500 followers!
So I thought it was time to make a THANK YOU post :)


This is a personal blog, my little corner on the web where I share my photography, so every time I get an email saying “X is now following your blog” or a notification of a new like on Facebook/Instagram it puts a smile on my face!

Even though we photograph for ourselves, we post our work online hoping someone out there will identify themselves in some way with it and connect with us. Right?
Otherwise, what’s the point of sharing?

I feel lucky I could e-meet many of you already and do some online collaborations, get creative together, or just talk about photography. Even if you’re on the other side of the globe!
It’s just the best – the Blogosphere rules ;)

That’s what I wanted to share today and I took these photos with that in mind.


Hey, if you just stumbled upon my blog for the first time:


I’m looking forward to sharing more things with you!
Stay tuned as I have some new gear to show you and fun projects to reveal over the Summer.


Don’t be shy and leave a comment – I always like to know who’s on the other side ;)

15 minute photoshoot

I met with Romina the other day near the train station for a quick photoshoot, she had a train to catch so we needed to hurry!

We just went around the corner to find a nice street and shot these pictures in 15 minutes.
It’s true that because we’ve been shooting for almost a year now, we have our little routine but still, sometimes you don’t need much to get great images! ;)


You can see more photos of this shoot on Romina’s blog here.

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Snapshots of a wedding day

Last Saturday two friends of mine got married in Portugal.
It was an opportunity for me to spend a long weekend there and being back together with a lot of dear friends of mine. It was awesome!


I decided to take the Fuji x100s with me to snap a few photos during the day:


Once I was back home in Switzerland and uploading the pictures to my computer, I realized I made quite a few mistakes regarding my camera settings. I guess I was so happy that day enjoying every moment that I was not taking the time to think about the settings. I was just snapping photos here and there when it came to my mind. Anyway, I found a way around to mask some issues by using a B&W edit + playing with contrast and clarity.

But you know what? It doesn’t matter, because I wasn’t there for the photos!
I made the best of that day and came back with my heart full of joy :)


Do you also find yourself in this type of situations where you want to take as many photos as possible, but at the same time you just want to enjoy the moment and leave the camera behind?