A bit of Summer


These images were taken by the lake near Lutry, in Switzerland.
It was one of the few sunny and hot days we have had so far around here!


(photos taken with the Fuji x100s)


I’m now off to Portugal for some real Summer time (I hope!) ;)
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Status update

Oh my! Everything was going so well with this blogging thing, I was posting every other day but then I got lazy and busy. ;)

Lazy because this August has been nothing like Summer here in Switzerland. It’s been raining a lot, it’s cold and gray most of the days. I just feel like staying inside wrapped in a blanket.

Busy because August is also the month of a friend visiting from Portugal, of my debut shooting a small wedding and (if you follow along in social media you already know this) being photographer at a music festival!

I hope to be able to share all these photos here soon. :)


In the meantime, I leave you with this image I took last week just before a wind storm started.

Fuji x100s

I finally took the time to put together a post about the Fuji x100s!
This is not a technical review or something very detailed, it’s just my opinion on the camera, why I got it and a few examples of photos I already took with it.


I got it because I wanted to have a camera that I could carry with me always, my dSLR was too heavy for that and the quality of the images from my phone wasn’t enough. So this Fuji seemed perfect, it’s small but I can still shoot in RAW and control all the settings.

Luckily enough someone I knew was willing to sell me his 1-year old Fuji x100s for a very affordable price :) (thank you once again E. & JM!)


I’ve used it for more than two months now and it’s funny how often people see it and say “oh you have an old camera!” – it’s true that from the front it looks like one because of its design and the viewfinder window, but then I turn it around and show them the LCD monitor!

The lens is a 23mm, equivalent to a 35mm on a full frame camera.
The aperture goes from f/16 to f/2.
The ISO values from 200 to 6400.
It’s pretty versatile and the images you get are so sharp, it’s awesome!

Alongside the shutter button you have the exposure compensation and the shutter speed dials, the auto-focus button is on the left side and the rest needs to be set up in the menu of the camera. However, there’s a “Q” (Quick) button on the back that allows you to directly access and change items as ISO, image quality, self-timer, white balance, etc.


Below are a few examples of photos I took with this camera, in different situations.
You can click on some of the images, it will take you to posts I did before related to it.

- Landscapes -

- by night -

- Close-up -

- Travel -

- Selfies -

- with Friends -

One of the things I like the most about this camera is that it’s super silent, you can take photos of your friends without having them all turning their heads to you as soon as they hear the “bip” ;)


If you’re looking for a small and easy to carry camera close to a dSLR this is a good option.
I hope this post was interesting and helped in some way!

PS: If you want to know more about the leather strap I have for the camera there’s a post here.