Printing a photo book: ISSUU

One year ago I created a digital book on with photos of a trip to London. We went there to celebrate the birthday of a friend and when we came back I decided to create this small diary of our trip. I wrote a post about it at the time (see HERE).


This year, for the birthday of the same friend, I thought of trying out ISSUU’s printing option and order a copy of the diary. Since we were not travelling this time nor even being together on her special day, I hoped this would be a nice gift for her to remember the trip.

At the time I used InDesign to create the digital book and I uploaded it to ISSUU in PDF format.
So I just had to go back to my profile and order a copy of it.

If you don’t have a subscription to InDesign, there’s at least one open source software I know that does the same job: Scribus.

After placing the order, I was asked to choose the type of book and as it didn’t have that many pages I went for the Magazine type. The other options are Soft- or Hardcover books.

Then for the size I chose the small one because I couldn’t remember if I had created the book with a nice resolution for printing. So to play safe and avoid getting a magazine with pixelated images, I went for the 148 x 209 mm (A5) option.

The other option would have been the medium size (A4): 209.903 x 296.686 mm.

And the last step was to choose if I wanted it in color or black & white.

As for discounts, you start getting them when you place an order of 10 items or more.

I wasn’t amazed by the quality of it, but then again it might be related to the resolution of my images. On the other hand, this is a 12 CHF (~10€/8£) product, I guess you get the point!

Still, it makes a sweet gift in my opinion :)
Definitely something I will keep using for personal projects.


Do you print photo books online?
I would love to know other options you may have tried out – let me know in the comments, thanks!

Happy Monday #7

How was your weekend?
Mine was a long one in Zurich photographing at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Days. I came home last night and will spend the week editing the photos I took there.

Here’s some from my phone (a mix of sightseeing and work)


I also wanted to share the work of Ariko Inaoka, a Japanese photographer. In particular her series “Erna and Hrefna” where she photographs the same twin girls every summer since 2009.
I came across THIS article last week and saved the link to share here.
There’s something special about them, at least the series really speaks to me! I think it’s the composition, the way they are represented as inseparable. And of course I love the natural elements in the photographs!

(© Ariko Inaoka)


Last published on the blog was a POST about the two photo shoots I did for the preview of the H&M x Alexander Wang collection for

Coming next: an article about a small photo book (magazine type) I printed online!



Photo shoot: AWxHM for Blaastlye

I had the opportunity to shoot a preview of the Alexander Wang x H&M collection the other day, for – I’m sure you all know by now I frequently work with a fashion blogger ;)

If you’re interested a bit in fashion you probably heard about this collaboration H&M did with fashion designer and Creative Director of Balenciaga. You have probably also saw the promotional video that was all over the internet a few weeks ago:


The collection is available in some H&M stores since November 6th, however the brand gave some fashion bloggers the opportunity to try out some of the clothing pieces beforehand so they could write about it and present a preview on their blogs.

When Romina told me she was going to showcase two different looks I was delighted! Although I really enjoy photographing her outfits for the blog, there’s always more excitement when we can work on a shoot of a specific brand and create a concept around it.


For the first look we went for a very sporty mood:

(More photos HERE)


For the second look we went for a more urban feel:

(More photos HERE)


Which one is your favorite?
I put more work in the shooting and editing of the sporty one, but I must say I really love the results of the urban look, I really like the bokeh I got from the grid!

In case you’re wondering, both photo shoots were photographed with a 70-200mm 2.8 Sigma lens.


I’m sure I said this before, but it’s crazy when I think this all started with me sending Romina an email saying I was passionate about photography, I was getting into portraiture and I would love for her to model for me. Almost a year an a half later look what it turned into!

As this post goes online, we’re both on our way to attend another fashion show (remember last month?) :) So keep an eye on Instagram for live updates!