From Nikon D90 to Nikon D610

Hi there!
I posted some photos on Instagram and Facebook about the new dSLR camera I got this Summer, but didn’t really talk about it here.


In the image below you can see my new camera (Nikon D610) on the right and the old one (Nikon D90) on the left:

Since 2011 I’ve been shooting with the Nikon D90 which is considered a “mid-range camera” and has a DX sensor. At the time I was taking a photography course and after explaining to the teacher what I wanted to do with photography he suggested the D90. Indeed it worked perfectly for me!

Only very recently I started to feel a bit limited by the camera and started considering an upgrade.  So this Summer I decided to get the D610, which they call a “prosumer camera”, already equipped with an FX sensor (full-frame).


I don’t want to get too technical as it’s also not the point of this post, I just want to show you the main differences I noticed and the reasons why the D90 was starting to frustrate me a bit.

1) Lenses

Since the D90 has a cropped sensor I was not getting the exact focal length each lens has. For example, when I shoot with the 35 mm lens on the D90 the result is actually closer to an image at 50 mm full-frame equivalent (35mm x 1.5 crop factor = 52.5mm).

I took the same photo with both cameras using different focal lengths to illustrate this. I had my tripod on the same spot all the time:

2) Sharpness

Another thing that I wasn’t really getting with the D90 was that sharpness I saw in some images from other photographers. To be fair the D90 is a 6 year-old camera, so naturally the sensor cannot compete with what is currently available. I don’t know if you’re able to see it in the two portraits below (shot with the same lens at the same aperture), but the difference now that I have the D610 is huge, my images are so much sharper!

3) ISO

The ISO limitation on the D90 was also something that started to be annoying. From a certain point if I would go higher with the ISO value I would have quite some noise in my images, but with the D610 I can bump the ISO and it’s just fine!


Another nice thing that came with this upgrade is that now I can have 2 memory cards in the camera. There’s a cool option to set the camera to save the photos on one card and save copies on the other as a backup.


What’s your experience with upgrading cameras?
Do you also change when you see you’ve hit a limit?

Happy Monday #1

I hope you all had a nice weekend! I was feeling a bit under the weather so I stayed home editing pictures, reading, cooking and relaxing.

Last week I shared here:
How to take creative self-portraits at home
My experience photographing at a music festival
A few portraits of my friend Joana

I’m back shooting with Romina on a regular basis, below are some shots I took for the last posts published on her blog:

I’ve submitted some photos and notes about my beach vacations for an online feature. I can’t wait for it to go online so I can share with you the link and story behind it! In the meantime, here’s one of the pictures:

I’ve started following this blog. She’s a Norwegian writer/photographer living in London and she shares pictures of her daily life – they’re sooo beautiful and everything is so inspiring! I love it ♥

For this week I’m planning to publish a post about my new camera (Nikon D610) and at least one post with portraits, who knows maybe two!


A couple of days with Joana

My friend Joana came to visit for a couple of days in August. On her last day here we stopped in Geneva for a mini portrait session by the lake. It was cloudy that morning, but perfect for photos as the light was very uniform.

Joana and I are friends since we were kids. Our moms are friends so as you can guess we were often together! We try to see each other every time I go to Portugal, but the last times I went there we couldn’t manage. So I was really happy when she decided to book a trip to visit me in Switzerland.


One of the days she was here was actually one of the hottest days of this Summer, so I took her for a walk by the lake in the morning and in the afternoon we went to a small forest up in the hills of the city. There’s a huge tower from which you have a beautiful view over the city and there are some animals too, I always find it fun to take people there.
Here are some photos of that day:

The portrait photos were taken with the Nikon D610 (using the 50mm lens) and the other images are all from the Fuji x100s.


Here’s a photo Joana took of me while I was snapping some pictures by the lake: