Golden hour

It’s so cold here in Switzerland right now. We were having nice sunny days with temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius and today it suddenly dropped to 7°C!!


These photos are from last weekend though, I took them while I was in the park with my bf admiring the sunset and its golden light.

It sounds romantic but to be honest I spent most of the time looking at a raven that was scaring the hell out of me (he was probably scared of me too as I wouldn’t stop looking at him) and there were so many little flies and insects in the hair that I kept shaking my hands over my head… So ridiculous! I truly have the most patient boyfriend in the world <3

I took them with the Fujix100s which I have not being using that much lately. I’m really hoping I will be able to spend some time this weekend reading more about the camera, as I don’t feel I master it completely. I often have issues with exposure and shutter speed when using it.


I hope you’re having a nice week!

Shooting at a fashion show

I had the opportunity to photograph at a fashion show last week, I had announced it in this post and I published some phone pics on this one.

So here’s the post with some photos and my thoughts on it! :)


How did that happen?

As you know, I’ve been shooting and doing some projects with fashion blogger Romina from the blog Blaastyle for over a year now. The other day she told me she was going to a fashion show and suggested I RSVP to the event as well and ask for a photographer’s credential.

It’s funny how we tend to assume those kind of things are inaccessible (or at least I am the kind of person who thinks like that), so I’m glad she brought that up because otherwise I would have never asked for such a thing. I guess I should give myself more credit ;)

That’s how I ended up strolling around the Mode Suisse event with my camera in hand, photographing both the backstage environment as well as the models walking down the catwalk!


It was pretty awesome! And for a first time I’m quite pleased with my photos.

I must say I’m not a very fashionable person, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt are my everyday clothes. I do like to dress up for special occasions, but most of the time I’m very lazy with my style. However, I love and always have loved seeing editorials on magazines, fashion shows on tv and I truly enjoy styled photo shoots. So I guess it doesn’t really matter if you like photographing fashion but you’re not stylish yourself ;)


Tips for fellow photogs if you have the opportunity to experience this for the first time like I did:

The light in the backstage is not the best so shoot with a wider aperture and pump up the ISO. Same for the catwalk if the ambiance is quite dark.

For the catwalk shots, I set the camera to AF-C (continuous auto-focus) mode so I could keep up with the models as they were walking down the catwalk.

I like to shoot in manual mode but aperture mode would have been fine too. The thing is to find the right settings, once you got them you’re good for the entire show if the light and ambiance don’t change.

Unless you own a big memory card, you’ll need to bring spare ones! You’ll be shooting a lot, everything is in movement so you’ll end up taking a few pictures of the same model to make sure you got it right. I personally don’t do it, but it may be helpful to shoot in burst mode too. In addition, if like me you shoot RAW then the images are going to take a lot of space!

I took my 70-200mm lens which is quite heavy and since I don’t have a monopod two things happened: I had no stability and my arms got tired quickly, meaning my photos started to be blurred. So I decided to sit on the ground, use my knees to support the lens and shoot from there. Which turned out to be a good thing because I really like the angle I got for the photos!


FYI I’m uploading more photos in an album on my Facebook page here.

I feel this post is getting too long so I will stop writing here. If there’s anything you would like to know that was not mentioned above, please ask in the comment section below.

Changes & News

(pics taken with my phone)

People say Fall is the perfect season to make some changes.
I have a friend that says she embraces this time of the year as a new beginning, she actually gets more excited now than in January for the New Year’s celebration!

Truth is that for a very long time September meant the end of the Summer holidays and the beginning of a new school year, so Autumn was a very thrilling time back then.

This year I’m experiencing this kind of excitement again as I’m working on a new website that will launch this Fall. I’m super excited about it!

So the reason why I’m writing this post is actually to explain why I am changing the blog’s title to: IMonnet – Personal blog and that’s because I want the future website, this blog and all my social media to go by the same name: IMonnet.


I also wanted to take the opportunity of writing this post to let you know that my Facebook page is actually going to be linked to the new website, so there are some changes going on in there. If you were following trough there to get updates of new posts on the blog then you won’t get those anymore.

I know most people following this blog are actually fellow WordPress bloggers/photographers  – for you nothing changes as you will continue to see the updates in your WordPress Reader.
For the rest of you, you can keep following by adding the blog to your favorites, subscribing to RSS posts or following on Bloglovin (see side bar).


As soon as the website launches I will let you know :)
I’ve been working on this for quite a while, it will feature my portraiture & fashion work.


What about you?
Is Fall a special season for you?
Anything exciting happening?