Photo sayings

I’m sure you’ve seen these ecards before, I find them so funny I thought I would compile some with photography related sayings!


Since I started doing photography jobs, putting together my portfolio and presenting myself to people as a photographer, I’ve heard some pretty funny (and strange!) things…
Some of these sayings really make me laugh. I hope you will enjoy them as well!

If you are a fellow photog let me know in the comments if you also get weird comments sometimes ;)


More on their website:, where you can also create your own cards.

Happy Monday #11

Last week I had a very nice encounter! I met Sarah from the blog Make Take Travel.
We e-met back in April when she wrote me an email to take part on my 1hour-1photo project and since then we’ve been following each other’s blogs. Recently she invited me to be featured in her Meet & Greet series where she interviews fellow bloggers (I will share once it’s published).

 It was really nice to meet her in person, it turned out we have a lot in common!
Here’s a photo of us:

More about Sarah HERE if you’re curious!


Also last week I met with another blogger who needed a portrait to place in her “about me” page. So we had a nice portrait session at a cafe in town.
Maybe you will see more about it here in the future!


Last published here on the blog:
Why you should learn from your favorite photographers

Next Thursday I will share some photo sayings that I found online and thought were funny.



Why you should learn from your favorite photographers

I photographed these images last Sunday in England at a Natural Light Fashion Photography workshop. Yes, I traveled to England just for that! I thought I would write this post not only to share some of the photos I was able to take but also to explain why I went there.

You see, with the money I spent going to England I could have done at least 3 workshops in my local area. However, probably not with photographers I admire or even know their work, probably even not a workshop centered in the areas I want to evolve. I would have picked a portraiture one “just because”, hoping I would learn something and come back with nice images.

By going to England for that specific workshop I knew the photographer who was organizing it: Alexandra Cameron, because I’ve followed her work for about 4 years. I like her photography style very much so what better way to learn than spend a day shooting under her recommendations? She provided me and the other attendees with an amazing location, 2 models, outfits and a Hair & MakeUp Artist.

We spent the day shooting, free to direct the models and ask for tips when needed. It was also great to meet other photographers and exchange experiences, everyone was so supportive!

I don’t want to make this a huge post, I just wanted to share that if the photographers you admire the most are giving the opportunity to learn from them and spend a day photographing alongside them, then you should go for it! It’s so much more rewarding!

I leave you with the photos now.


Organised by: Alexandra Cameron
Models: Charlotte Reardon & Amanda Powell
Hair & MUA: Fiona Cain
(All photos by me)

I think the most important thing I learned that day is that I can pull it off. I tend to second guess myself often… and this workshop was just the motivational kick I needed! Now I know that with the right team I can get the content I doubted I would so many times.
So thank you to Alex and everyone who was there!


Some behind the scenes pics I took with my phone: